Dj Cone rework house track with Alan Watts sharing the importance of faith.


Zen Vibes (Koans)

Just a few Koans that i find very helpful for reflection/meditation or even prayer if you swing that way.


A university student while visiting Gasan asked him: “Have you ever read the Christian Bible?”

“No, read it to me,” said Gasan.

The student opened the Bible and read from St. Matthew: “And why take ye thought for rainment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They toil not, neither do they spin, and yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these… Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.”

Gasan said: “Whoever uttered those words I consider an enlightened man.”

The student continued reading: “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.”

Gasan remarked: “That is excellent. Whoever said that is not far from Buddhahood.”

In Tokyo in the Meiji era there lived two prominent teachers of opposite characteristics. One, Unsho, an instructor in Shingon, kept Buddha’s precepts scrupulously. He never drank intoxicants, nor did he eat after eleven o’clock in the morning. The other teacher, Tanzan, a professor of philosophy at the Imperial University, never observed the precepts. Whenever he felt like eating, he ate, and when he felt like sleeping in the daytime he slept.

One day Unsho visited Tanzan, who was drinking wine at the time, not even a drop of which is suppposed to touch the tongue of a Buddhist.

“Hello, brother,” Tanzan greeted him. “Won’t you have a drink?”

“I never drink!” exclaimed Unsho solemnly.

“One who does not drink is not even human,” said Tanzan.

“Do you mean to call me inhuman just because I do not indulge in intoxicating liquids!” exclaimed Unsho in anger. “Then if I am not human, what am I?”

“A Buddha,” answered Tanzan.


Tanzan wrote sixty postal cards on the last day of his life, and asked an attendent to mail them. Then he passed away.

The cards read:

I am departing from this world.
This is my last announcement.

July 27, 1892
Soldiers of Humanity Once a division of the Japanese army was engaged in a sham battle, and some of the officers found it necessary to make their headquarters in Gasan’s temple.

Gasan told his cook: “Let the officers have only the same simple fare we eat.”

This made the army men angry, as they were used to very deferential treatment. One came to Gasan and said: “Who do you think we are? We are soldiers, sacrificing our lives for our country. Why don’t you treat us accordingly?”

Gasan answered sternly: “Who do you think we are? We are soldiers of humanity, aiming to save all sentient beings.”

  If You Love, Love Openly

Twenty monks and one nun, who was named Eshun, were practicing meditation with a certain Zen master.

Eshun was very pretty even though her head was shaved and her dress plain. Several monks secretly fell in love with her. One of them wrote her a love letter, insisting upon a private meeting.

Eshun did not reply. The following day the master gave a lecture to the group, and when it was over, Eshun arose. Addressing the one who had written to her, she said: “If you really love me so much, come and embrace me now.”

Major Looking in

Once Again Alan Wilson Watts Stuns me with his Genius of how he expresses that which has no words a quote from that Rascal of  a Sage.

If you awaken from this illusion, and you understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death — or shall I say, death implies life — you can conceive yourself. Not conceive, but feel yourself, not as a stranger in the world, not as someone here on sufferance, on probation, not as something that has arrived here by fluke, but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental. What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself. So, say in Hindu mythology, they say that the world is the drama of God. God is not something in Hindu mythology with a white beard that sits on a throne, that has royal perogatives. God in Indian mythology is the self, Satcitananda. Which means sat, that which is, chit, that which is consciousness; that which is ananda is bliss. In other words, what exists, reality itself is gorgeous, it is the fullness of total joy.

So in my words you can’t have saints without sinners, pain and pleasure are so intertwined into one thing and the same such that when we realize this we will all laugh and ask ourselves why we have all this time been making such a fuss for.

Be easy people.

Jesus a Man Way Ahead Of his Time.

Alan Watts Trying to explain how Jesus was totally misunderstood by his own followers and the church as we know it today is not the message Jesus was trying to get across. Abit lengthy though.


So let’s suppose then that Jesus had such an experience [one which suggested to him that he was the Son of God] … but you see Jesus has a limitation that he doesn’t know of any religion other than those of the immediate near east. He might know something about Egyptian religion, a little bit maybe about Greek religion … but mostly about Hebrew. There is no evidence whatsoever that he knew anything about India or China. And we .. people who think .. you know .. that Jesus was God assume that he must have known becuase he would have been omniscient. No … St. Paul makes it perfectly clear in the Epistle to the Phillipians that Jesus renounced his divine powers so as to be man: “That this mind be anew which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought not equality with God a thing to be hung onto but humbled himself and made himself of no reputation and was found in fashion as a man and became obedient to death.” Theologians call that kinosis which means self-emptying. So obviously an omnipotent and omniscient man would not really be a man. So even if you take the very orthodox Catholic doctrine of the nature of Christ, that he was both true God and true man, you must say that for true God to be united with true man, true God has to make a voluntary renunciation for the time being of omniscience and omnipotence … and omnipresence for that matter. Now therefore if Jesus were to come right out and say I am the son of God, that’s like saying I’m the boss’ son, or I am the boss and everybody immediately says that is blasphemy – that is subversion, that is trying to introduce democracy into the kingdom of heaven. That is .. you are a usurper of the throne. No man has seen God. Now Jesus in his exoteric teaching as recorded in the Synoptic Gospels was pretty cagey about this … he didn’t come right out there and say I and the Father are one. Instead he identified himself with the Messiah described in the second part of the Prophet Isaiah – the suffering servant who was despised and rejected of men. And this man is the non-political Messiah in other words. It was convenient to make that identification even though it would get him into trouble. But to his select disciples as recorded in St. John he came right out and said “Before Abraham was, I am. I am the way, the truth and the life. I am the resurrection and the life. I am the living bread that comes down from heaven. I and the Father are one and he who has seen me has seen the Father.” And there can be no mistaking that language.

So the Jews found out and they put him to death or had him put to death for blasphemy. This is no cause for special antagonism to the Jews. We would do exactly the same thing. It’s always done. It happened to one of the great Sufi mystics in Persia who had the same experience. Now what happened? The apostles didn’t quite get the point. They were awed by the miracles of Jesus. They worshipped him as people do worship gurus … and it’s … you know to what lengths that can go if you’ve been around guru-land. And so the Christians said: Okay, okay, Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God but let it stop right there … nobody else. So what happened was is that Jesus was pedestalized … he was put in a position that was safely upstairs so that his troublesome experience of cosmic consciousness would not come and cause other people to be a nuisance. And those who have had this experience and expressed it during those times when the Church had political power were almost invariably persecuted. Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake, John Scotus was excommunicated, [sic] Meister Eckhardt’s theses were condemned and so on and so on. A few mystics got away with it because they used cautious language. But you see what happens … if you pedestalize Jesus, you strangle the gospel at birth and it has been the tradition of both the Catholic Church and in Protestantism to pass off what I will call an emasculated gospel. Gospel means good news and I cannot for the life of me think what is the good news of the gospel as ordinarily handed down. Because look here .. here is the revelation of God in Christ … in Jesus … and we are supposed to follow his life and example without having the unqiue advantage of being the boss’ son.


Now the tradition, both Catholic and Protestant fundamentalist represents Jesus to us as a freak – born of a virgin, knowing he is the son of God, having the power of miracles, knowing that basically it’s impossible to kill him, that he’s going to rise again in the end. And we are asked to take up our cross and follow him when we don’t know that about ourselves at all. So what happens is this: we are delivered therefore a Gospel which is in fact an impossible religion. It’s impossible to follow the way of Christ .. alright … many a Christian has admitted it. I am a miserable sinner, I fall far short of the example of Christ .. but do you realize the more you say that the better you are because what happened was that Christianity insitutionalized guilt as a virtue. [applause] You see you can never come up here … never … and therefore you will always be aware of your shortcomings and so the more shortcomings you feel the more in other words you are aware of the vast abyss between Christ and yourself. [interruption by a member of the audience who suggests that Watts is setting up a strawman and “trying to shoot down” the Church] You will have your opportunity to speak in the Question Period madam. So … you go to confession .. and if you have a nice dear understanding confessor, he won’t get angry with you, he’ll say my child, you know you’ve sinned very grievously but you must realize that the love of God and our Lord is infinite and that naturally you’re forgiven … as a token of thanksgiving say three Hail Marys … and you know, you’ve commited a murder and robbed a bank and fornicated around and so on … and the priest is perfectly patient and quiet. Well you feel awful … I have done that? To the love of God I have wounded Jesus, grieved the Holy Spirit and so on. But you know in the back of your mind that you’re going to do it all over again … you won’t be able to help yourself … you’ll try but there’s always a greater and greater sense of guilt. Now the lady objected that I was putting up a straw man and knocking it down – this is the Christianity of most people. Now there is a much more subtle Christinity of the theologians, the mystics and the philosophers but it’s not what gets preached from the pulpit, grant you. But the message of Billy Graham is approximately what I have given you and of all .. what I will call fundamentalist … forms of Catholicism and Protestantism.


What would the real gospel be? … the real good news is not simply that Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God but that he was a powerful son of God who came to open everybody’s eyes to the fact that you are too. And this is perfectly plain … if you will go to the tenth chapter of St. John, verse 30, there is the passage where Jesus says I and the father are one. There are people who are not intimate disciples around and they are horrifed and they immediately pick up stones to stone him. He says many good works I have shown you from the father and for which of these do you stone me? And they said for a good work we stone you not but for blasphemy because you being a man make yourself God. And he replied: isn’t it written in your law I have said you are Gods? He’s quoting the 82nd Psalm – is it not written in your law I have said you are Gods? If God called them those to whom he gave his word Gods and you can’t deny the scriptures, how can you say I blaspheme because I said I am a Son of God? Well there’s the whole thing in a nutshell … because if you read the King James Bible that descended with the angel, you will see in italics in front of these words Son of God, the Son of God, because I said I am the Son of God and most people think the italics are for emphasis … they’re not … the italics indicate words interpolated by the translators .. you will not find that in the Greek … the Greek says a Son of God.


Talk Given By The Great Alan Watts.



O Nobly Born, O you of glorious origins, remember your radiant true nature, the essence of mind. Trust it. Return to it. It is home.

–Tibetan Book of the Dead

Then it was as if I suddenly saw the secret beauty of their hearts, the depths of their hearts where neither sin nor desire nor self-knowledge can reach, the core of their reality, the person that each one is in the eyes of the Divine. If only they could all see themselves as they really are. If only we could see each other that way all the time. There would be no more war, no more hatred, no more cruelty, no more greed…I suppose the big problem would be that we would fall down and worship each other.

–Thomas Merton (Catholic, Trappist Monk, mystic)

In a large temple north of Thailand’s ancient capital, Sukotai, there once stood an enormous and…

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Zen Quotes

Buddhist Saying

Do not speak – unless it improves on silence.



All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.


Chinese Proverb

No road to happiness or sorrow… Find them in yourself.


Yasutani Roshi

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.


Buddhism has in it no idea of there being a moral law laid down by somekind of cosmic lawgiver.
Alan Watts


“The religious idea of God cannot do full duty for the metaphysical infinity.”

 Alan Watts quote


“Really, the fundamental, ultimate mystery — the only thing you need to know to understand the deepest metaphysical secrets — is this: that for every outside there is an inside and for every inside there is an outside, and although they are different, they go together.”

 Alan Watts quote


Not to study the Buddha way is to fall into the realm of shameless and erroneous ways. All preceding and succeeding Buddhas always practice the Buddha way.

– Dogen Zenji


Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it (religion) should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual and a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description.

– Einstein


All conditioned things are impermanent. Work out your own salvation with diligence.

– Buddha’s last words


I have discovered that all of mans unhappiness derives from only one source, not being able to sit quietly in a room

– Blaise Pascal